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Düsseldorf Airport is Germany's fourth-largest airport. More than 21 million people and over 100,000 tonnes of air freight are transported to some 190 destinations worldwide.


In geographical terms, Düsseldorf is situated in the middle of Europe and it is the capital of Germany's most populated Federal State, North Rhine Westphalia. More than 18 million people living within a 100 kilometre radius of the airport. Düsseldorf is thus offering a catchment area without parallel.
The region around Düsseldorf ranks among the world's top 10 business regions. It can even be compared with the greater Chicago or London area.
In only a few hours, all the major European airports can be reached by truck. On its doorstep, Düsseldorf has the Ruhr region, which continues to be the base for numerous small-to-medium-sized companies and also major enterprises. The Düsseldorf business location thus offers much potential for exporting goods throughout the world.


Source: NRW Invest (2021)



In addition, as many hundreds of international businesses have established themselves in this region, this makes Düsseldorf Airport an important business location for imported goods from all over the world.

Having the BeNeLux countries as neighbours, with their numerous distribution centres connected via the German motorway network to an infrastructure that is unique in Europe, makes Düsseldorf as a business location - and thereby also Düsseldorf Airport Cargo - an outstanding partner for freight handling.