DUS Pharma

DUS Pharma

Düsseldorf Airport is located in the industrial heart of Europe. In addition to the various companies of different industries, based here, the pharmaceutical industry takes a very important position. Around 16% of all German based pharmaceutical companies are located in North Rhine Westphalia (NRW). This is also reflected in imports and exports of pharmaceutical primary-products and products. Approx. 10% of the whole of German exports and approx. 12% of the whole of German imports of pharmaceutical primary-, semifinished- or endproducts are destined for NRW. Düsseldorf Airport offers ideal opportunities to reach these important import- and export-markets, due to its dense network.


In order to handle and store these highly sensitive products according to the applicable regulations and requirements, Düsseldorf Airport Cargo developed a brand-new product - DUS Pharma.


DUS Pharma offers ideal opportunities for a save import / export of pharmaceutical products by especially defined processes, which are tailormade to the product requirements.


Our employees ensure a smooth and highly quality handling of your sensitive pharmaceutical products. Each person, who is entrusted with pharmaceutical products, is trained in handling these goods. The Training meets the strict requirements of IATA and includes other standards (e.g. GDP).


Temperature-controlled storage rooms


Room      SizeTemperature
Cooling facility (COL-PIL)

130 m²

+ 2 bis 8 °C     

Constant Room Temperature (CRT)

140 m²+ 15 bis 25 °C


In March 2016, Düsseldorf Airport Cargo was officially CEIV-Pharma certified by IATA, International Air Transport Association, for its safe and professional handling of pharmaceutical products - as Germany's first company. After a successful recertification in March 2019, the second recertification followed in May 2022.



Since April 2019 Duesseldorf Airport Cargo is the proud owners of 2 x SPS Thermo Dollies Type “Airside Pharma Transporter (BACK) 2.0 Solar”.


These Thermo Dollies …


  • …covering an internal temperature range from +5°C to 25°C.
  • …having a maximum load capacity of 3.000 kg
  • …are equipped with a sensor-based and self-regulating Monitoring System


You will find all specifications of this state of the art Dolly as well as its cooling capabilities in this overview.


Please note that from now on pharmaceutical products will be delivered to the aircraft exclusively in thermo dollies as far as available.