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Service for freight forwarders

Düsseldorf Airport Cargo values freight forwarders as being an important part of the transport chain. For this reason, Düsseldorf Airport Cargo is offering special services for freight forwarders:


Storage of special goods

  • COL
  • DG (incl. RRY)
  • VAL
  • HUM


Sorting and break-down of consolidation shipments

  • on a documentary basis
  • on a documentary and physical basis



Build-up of pallets for delivery to air carriers


Truck loading

  • Loose loading
  • ULD loading operations via truck-dock (up to 20 ft. ULD's)


Security Checks

  • X-Ray
  • ETD
  • You can find detailed info here


A detailed list can be obtained of all Düsseldorf Airport Cargo's services from our current directory of services. We are happy to make a tailor made quotation. We look forward to you making contact personally!