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Availability of our brand new Thermo-Dollies

We would like to inform you, that the delivery of two Thermo Dollies for the Duesseldorf Airport Cargo has taken place. As from now we are the proud owners of 2 x SPS Thermo Dollies, enabling a constant cool transportation from warehouse to aircraft vice versa.


Thermo Dollies Type “Airside Pharma Transporter (BACK) 2.0 Solar”…


  • …covering an internal temperature range from +5°C to 25°C.
  • …having a maximum load capacity of 3.000 kg
  • …are equipped with a sensor-based and self-regulating Monitoring System


The operation with two Thermo Dollies is another big step forward after the CEIV certification in 2016.  Duesseldorf Airport Cargo goes this extra mile with a big investment for Thermo Dollies, because it is of utmost importance to close the Cool Chain with this last leg to and from the aircraft.


Duesseldorf Airport is situated in one of the most industrialized regions in Europe where Pharmaceutical Manufacturing plays a vital role! Ever since we obtained our certification, we saw an increase of 15% of Pharmaceutical Products going through our facilities.


We invested, because we feel that it is of utmost importance that Pharmaceuticals are handled in the proper (cool) way. This is from our point of view not only the interest of the Cargo Industry but moreover in the interest of the recipient, namely the Patient.


Please note that from now on pharmaceutical products will be delivered to the aircraft exclusively in thermo dollies. We will bill you this service with 90,00 € per dolly for a maximum of 120 minutes.


In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.